Ad Posting Job

You will be provided advertising contents. You have to post the ads on the list of ad posting sites given by us. You will be paid up to Rs.15/- for each and every valid advertisement posted. Ad posting software and other tools will be available in the member area. copy and Paste is your only job.

*Earn up to Rs.15/- for Ad Posting Task.

*Post up to 100 ads per day.

Instructions for Ad Posting Job

Does my Ad need manual verification?

Yes your Ads will be validated from our end, For all successful postings Rs.15 will be credited.

How much time does it takes for validation?

It just takes 24 hours for us to complete the validation process.

Do my Ad need to generate a lead or make a sale to get paid?

No, You are getting paid only for your Ad postings, It doesn’t matter even if your ads doesn’t generate a lead, you will still be paid for all valid postings.

Can I do this job on my mobile?

Yes, you can do this job on mobile, all our websites are mobile supported.

Do I need to make any payment to the Ad Posting sites for posting ads?

No, All of them are free websites, you do not need to pay anything for Ad posting etc.

How long does it take to post an Ad?

It only takes 2 to 3 minutes to post an Ad.

Is there any minimum or maximum amount of work to be done in a day?

There is no minimum amount of work to be done in a day and You can post maximum of up to 100 Ads per day.

Is there any Incentive or Additional Earning for work Accuracy?

Yes, you can earn extra for Leads and Sales that happen through your posted ads.

How do you track the Leads and Sales generated from my ads?

Your ads will contain a unique referral link, so whenever an event happen through your link our advanced system will track your visitors, Registrations, Leads and Sales and credit you automatically.

Amazing Job Features

  • Basic browsing Knowledge is enough to post ads.
  • Choose your own time to work.
  • Work from your PC, LAPTOP or MOBILE.
  • No Minimum Ad postings per day.
  • Post up to 100 Ads per day.
  • Ad Posting Software will be provided to ease up the tasks.
  • All your postings will be validated and approved in 24 hours.
  • Check your reports in the member area 24 x 7.


  • Earnings Per AD POSTING: up to Rs.15/-.
  • Maximum Ad Postings Per day: 100 Ads.
  • No Minimum Ad Postings per Day.
  • Earn up to Rs.150/- for Leads and Sales happen through your Ads.


  • Overall Earning = Ads Posting + Incentives
  • Minimum Payout: Rs.500/-
  • Payment Release: Daily
    Get paid directly from us not from any 3rd party
  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order, Paytm or Phone Pe.


Spending 1 to 2 hours, you can post up to 50-70 Ads per day.
i.e. 50 Ad Postings X Rs.15 = Rs.750
If your ads generate 2 leads or sales, you will earn
2 Leads X Rs.150 = Rs.300

Customers reviews

I am happy to work with this portal. I got my payment, I work hard here and recommend you join here.
Kunal jadav
I Joined many money making website, they are also cheat me. But right now I join, this company give me work and money also.
Sonali Sharma
Most of the website are fake, just wastage my money. But This company really very helpful and also giving work.
Varun Kumar

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